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Car Lab Solar Simulator

Product information:

     Sunlight can have adverse affects on materials and components, oftentimes initiating and accelerating the degradation process as it interacts with temperature, moisture and other environmental effects. In addition, it is critical to understand the effects of heat created by sunlight with respect to operational performance, thermal management, noise and dimensional stability. A new product should be tested under solar environmental conditions representative of those locations in which it will exist - anywhere ranging from the heat of the outback in Australia to the frigid climate of arctic areas. BH0E solar simulation systems are custom-designed in both power and size. Having this flexibility, they can be integrated into various types of environmental test chambers whether they be small or walk-in,chambers used in component/ small product testing or drive-in chambers for complete vehicle testing.

System components:

            Light source set: It is independent light source; it can be controlled separately;
Positioning system: To allow the Solar Constant solar simulator to move and replicate various natural solar conditions, a mechanical positioning system is typically installed. This enables motorized movement of the solar array within all desired spatial directions to simulate solar day cycles for example. 

           Positioning systems are typically customized towards the application and local test facility. BHOE will work with you to define the Solar Constant positioning system that will work best for you.
          Control system:  This solar simulator uses PLC from Siemens (for example: S7-200/300) and touch-screen to control and operate, it can reach remote communications.
           Others: EPS power etc.

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